Before I begin explaining what to expect from this blog, I’d like to first introduce myself. My name is Jenna- I am currently seventeen years old and living in the golden state of California. I have a strong passion for music and attempt to incorporate it into my daily lifestyle, hopefully finding a career to pursue that allows me to continue! I attend concerts as frequently as possible, as I find no greater joy than in seeing art being brought to life. I am extremely accepting of all genres of music, but I mostly associate myself with variations of indie rock, dream pop, and beach goth. I would love to hear your suggestions for songs or artists in the comments, as I promise I will listen to them and possibly include them in future posts!

Through monthly music playlists and the occasional concert review, I’m hoping to bring awareness to lesser known artists and expand your music library. Thank you in advance for your interest and support, you can expect my first official post to be a “March Music Favorites” published on April First!


Author: jennaryann

Somewhere between psychotic and iconic.

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