Welcome back!

April was a month of hard work and even harder play. Between AP practice testing and concerts, I maintained what little sanity I have left through these songs. I created this playlist for a short trip to Los Angeles in which I visited with my sister, successfully thrifted some rare clothing finds (an Arctic Monkeys shirt, to be exact), and purchased a few healing stones to cleanse my mind and environment in these trying times. This collection of songs is extremely easy on the ears and the perfect companion for waking up or winding down. Along with YouTube links, I also made a Spotify playlist under the name “jennaryann” which I will include a link to. Feel free to follow me, as I will continue uploading my monthly playlists through that as well! Enjoy!

Link to my Spotify: (https://open.spotify.com/user/jennaryann/playlist/5nhimnUW6g0Qdc5KzRsbEc)

  1. Air: Playground Love (https://youtu.be/2UfHXiQkgd8)
  2. All We Are: Feel Safe (https://youtu.be/CmUL27u_FHM)
  3. Atlas Sound: Sheila (https://youtu.be/ZGXdYoVGJUM)
  4. Beach Fossils: Fall Right In (https://youtu.be/iMvhso9O1io)
  5. Beach House: Walk in the Park (https://youtu.be/ln_nkxwT_Tc)
  6. Beirut: Nantes (https://youtu.be/PCkT4K-hppE)
  7. Blood Orange: Bad Girls (https://youtu.be/b6cJXZxAx78)
  8. Dirty Art Club: Sun Burn (https://youtu.be/S4blAfAQbYw)
  9. Fruit Bats: So Long (https://youtu.be/aepSuVriVJ4)
  10. Good Morning: A Vessel (https://youtu.be/MKD2xHb51gE)
  11. Grounders: Vyvanse (https://youtu.be/aAd-_i9_eI0)
  12. Home: Resonance (https://youtu.be/8GW6sLrK40k)
  13. Mild High Club: Windowpane (https://youtu.be/JRQ98suu0hg)
  14. Nancy & Lee: Sundown, Sundown (https://youtu.be/mIPvGpFJ0v0)
  15. Parks, Squares, and Alleys: Carnival (https://youtu.be/adrL-kPHsUM)
  16. Peter Bjorn and John: Amsterdam (https://youtu.be/J9FakZRu9uY)
  17. Real Estate: Kinder Blumen (https://youtu.be/8KlboOnYwIE)
  18. The Arcs: Lake Superior (https://youtu.be/MFqHnlY8sxs)
  19. Tigers Jaw: Charmer (https://youtu.be/av-1HjxzX5o)
  20. Youth Lagoon: Attic Doctor (https://youtu.be/jCRSOx6zyQ0)

Author: jennaryann

Somewhere between psychotic and iconic.

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