Welcome back!

With new releases from Local Natives, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more, the month of June was the perfect way to kickstart summer. This playlist is an intricate mix of indie folk and dream pop, your perfect companion for whatever the following months have in store. I hope you’re enjoying your break as much as I am, I’ll be back later this month with two new concert reviews. Until then!

  1. Andy Shauf: The Magician https://youtu.be/PN0RPWII7gY
  2. Barry Adamson: Looking to Love Somebody https://youtu.be/KVjhmY09Stk
  3. Beirut: Venice https://youtu.be/mqP79H_VoKQ
  4. Bedroom: Nothing Lasts https://youtu.be/dTnYL0ZZt2w
  5. Blind Pilot: I Know https://youtu.be/ezEQ2iSgpRA
  6. Bright Moments: Travelers https://youtu.be/wb7l4FgjxZY
  7. Chrome Sparks: Send the Pain On https://youtu.be/OomM-lOHkSw
  8. Daniel Rossen: Silent Song https://youtu.be/PJ5C8qYlavE
  9. Diane Coffee: Everyday https://youtu.be/umnr9IDmBTw
  10. Dog Bite: Forever, Until https://youtu.be/msrv27W0uvQ
  11. Ducktails: Ivy Covered House https://youtu.be/QgirsYlIQJA
  12. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros: Life is Hard https://youtu.be/9RHeaXKUNxA
  13. Elvis Depressedly: U Angel U https://youtu.be/3M8niWBruMo
  14. Local Natives: Past Lives https://youtu.be/JUOCOOOZyNo
  15. Nico Yaryan: Just Tell Me https://youtu.be/lmaQlyrZs88
  16. Red Hot Chili Peppers: The Getaway https://youtu.be/5w4d_mmJOGM
  17. The Clientele: Saturday https://youtu.be/TdkSLgzjuGY
  18. The Doorbells: Rivers Bend https://youtu.be/Di3XL75SCOg
  19. The Growlers: Someday https://youtu.be/wK2OqpjCWj4
  20. Unknown Mortal Orchestra: One at a Time https://youtu.be/PtyYzInEvjo


Welcome back!

The month of March was a fairly uneventful time of my life, despite the day I attended a James Franco book signing in Los Angeles. Years of admiration and appreciation led to those very few seconds that I will never forget- these are some of the songs I recall listening to that day. I hope that they provide you with the same happiness that they do myself, and hopefully you too can create your own memories through them! Thank you for your continued interest and support; my next post entitled, “Father John Misty: A Live Review”, will be published on April Seventh!

  1. Acid Ghost: All Alone (https://youtu.be/64MMP_a1I0I)
  2. Alex Calder: Lethargic (https://youtu.be/TEs0tPdXcbo)
  3. Allah-Las: No Voodoo (https://youtu.be/q6jTzJX0w_g)
  4. Beach Fossils: Clash the Truth (https://youtu.be/fwDEZMqHSyY)
  5. Bradford Cox: Dream Logic (https://youtu.be/yK7degDWTq0)
  6. Charlie Hilton: 100 Million (https://youtu.be/YzGRXlL5-3k)
  7. Dante Elephante: Heartbeat (https://youtu.be/fS_T00o-NB8)
  8. Dr. Dog: The Truth (https://youtu.be/DUnpNq7U2Qk)
  9. Good Morning: Time to Try Again (https://youtu.be/cy92xYd-JG0)
  10. Mac DeMarco: Sherrill (https://youtu.be/Cp1Xnfaalps)
  11. Parks, Squares and Alleys: Bicycle (https://youtu.be/ft41ujrRqWM)
  12. Real Estate: Kinder Blumen (https://youtu.be/8KlboOnYwIE)
  13. Smith Westerns: Smile (https://youtu.be/s1hDnJqCrY0)
  14. Tijuana Panthers: Redheaded Girl (https://youtu.be/gDqTCWO2880)
  15. Wild Nothing: Golden Haze (https://youtu.be/cwZGHPqfDtc)