Welcome back!

The month of May was composed of good times and even better music. With new releases from Parks, Squares and Alleys and The Strokes, it was literally music to my ears. This playlist was created with the intentions of a calming trip to the beach with friends, acting as a soundtrack as cars passed on the freeway and sand caved beneath our feet. Soft psychedelia is a consistent theme throughout, perfect for making memories to this summer. Enjoy!

Link to my Spotify: (

  1. Craft Spells: Your Tomb (
  2. Destroyer: Kaputt (
  3. Dirty Projectors: Dance For You (
  4. Foxygen: How Can You Really (
  5. Future Islands: A Dream of You and Me (
  6. Heavenly Beat: Faithless (
  7. Night Moves: Carl Sagan (
  8. Parks, Squares and Alleys: Parasites (
  9. Sures: The Sun (
  10. Tame Impala: Sundown Syndrome (
  11. The Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever (
  12. The Bilinda Butchers: Tulips (
  13. The Growlers: The Fruit Is For Everyone (
  14. The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin’ (
  15. The Strokes: Threat of Joy (
  16. The Wake: Melancholy Man (
  17. The Walters: I Love You So (
  18. Ultimate Painting: Rolling in the Deep End (
  19. Wild Nothing: Shadow (
  20. Woods: Sun City Creeps (